Drone Photographer for Wedding and Ceremonies

Long Exposure Drone Photo of Bondi Beach


One of the special days in our lives is when we are holding our wedding, this is because it takes a lot of patience and time in finding someone whom you will love the rest of your life. As you are holding your wedding there are so many things which happen and you may wish to have a memory of some of them. This is the reasons why so many people do opt to hire a wedding photographer in Sydney. Although there are so many ways which you can use to take the photos and videos of your wedding due to advancement in technology drones have been seen to be best in this current world. There are so many reasons why you should hire our wedding drone photography Sydney services and some of them are:

Added Value

With the help of our drones, we will be able to capture dynamic, illustrative images and video which will portray the scope and scenic of your event. You will be able to get the unique perspectives of the beautiful place where you are holding your wedding event. Even if you want us to take your photos at a beautiful village, park, valley or mountainside our drones have the ability to do that.


Another way you should hire us today for your wedding is that we do avoid causing any accidents as we are capturing high-quality videos and pictures. Our drone pilots know all the requirements which are given by the civil aviation and they will obey them to the latter. Therefore, you will not worry about anything and you can enjoy your event.


Excellent Skills

When you hire our professional wedding photography services you will not risk losing your best moments or need a power back up. Even if you wish us to take your photos inside a room which has high ceilings, or outside in an open space, we do have experts who are well versed with excellent skills in handling drones so that they can shoot your photos without any hindrance.



When you hire professional our wedding drone photography Sydney you will not only be assured of getting beautiful photos but also having a peace of mind during your wedding. In this case, you will not be required to instruct us during your wedding day since we have a dedicated team which controls the drones as they take your photos from aerial.


Reduced wedding drone photography cost

When you allow us to perform aerial photography of your wedding, you will be able to incur fewer costs, ability to capture photos even in small places and low amount of fuel will be consumed. There will be less bureaucracy since we will not be required to have permits of taking off and landing except if when we are in the civil or archaeological area. In addition to this, we do take a little amount of time in organizing this event (just inspect your site and we organize on the day of taking photos).

In case you are thinking that hiring our wedding drone photography will make you spend a lot of money, then you should avoid that believe. We do offer affordable price packages for all our clients. Through our free price quotes, you can select the services which you think will suit you. 

Once you hire our services in Sydney you will be sure that you have beautiful photos which can assist you to remember your special day.