Edelkrone Wing and Slider one pro Short Review

Edelkrone Wing and Slider one pro Short Review

To the leaders, to frontrunners and makers of advancements that pushes us to breakthroughs and to the next level landscape of the filmmaking community – Get to know Edelkrone Wing. One of their mightiest inventions is the “Edelkrone Wing and Slider ONE Pro.” Edelkrone’s Slider ONE was first introduced to the market on the year 2015 and over the years it was updated and further improved, thus inventing Edelkrone’s Slider ONE Pro.

So what is Edelkrone  Slider? You might ask! A slider is a very important element in videography because it enables swift motion of camera movements that introduces dynamic to the videos you are trying to create. 

So what is Edelkrone’s Slider ONE Pro? You might add! According to Mike Briggs, “The Slider One PRO is a motorized slider that offers a precise solution to sliding motions when shooting video along a 7.87-inch (20-centimeter) track. At 10.6 x 3.7 x 2 inches (2.7 x 9.5 x 5.1 centimeters), it’s small enough to fit into any camera bag which makes it incredibly portable compared to almost every other slider solution, let alone a motorized one. It is also a great tool to create beautiful parallax time-lapses and stop motion animation when needing to pack light. It’s battery powered off a Canon LP-E6 battery and is operated from a superbly designed app from your phone.

One impressive upgrade added to Edelkrone’s Slider ONE Pro is it’s improved app. During a shoot, it’s a feature useful for adjustments when taking time-lapse intervals adjusting camera movement speed.

Another major improvement is the Edelkrone Wing. It has a new feature called Steady MOVE tension system. Enables smooth and steady maneuver of the camera. 

It is quick to setup, precise, and very reliable. Basically, all you have to do is mount the Slider One Pro onto any tripod and then attach a video head to the mounting screw. Insert camera battery, load up the Slider One Pro app on your personal device that allows instant connection through Bluetooth low- energy communication tech and lastly, simply set up your settings. No unnecessary confusion because it is all visible on one screen. 


Pros and Cons

Over the years Edelkrone takes pride in creating inventions that are particularly reshaping the landscape of the filmmaker’s community. According to a recent product review by Mike Briggs he stated that what he likes the most about Edelkrone’s Slider ONE Pro are the following: 

  1. Precision sliding motion for video, even for heavy loads up to 4 kilograms.
  2. Easy and fast to set up.
  3. Intuitive app to control slider.
  4. Small enough form factor to fit into any camera bag or case.
  5. Long lasting battery life.
  6. A constant sliding feature can create an unmanned, dynamic camera angle for a team of one film crew.
  7. Ability to shoot fantastic looking parallax time-lapses.

And what he dislikes about Edelkrone’s Slider ONE Pro are the following:


  1. Not useful for long, fast sliding shots.
  2. App loses connection with the slider every now and then (although this could be improved in firmware updates).
  3. A battery is not included.
  4. FlexTILT Head 2 is not included.

 Furthermore, he added that “On the surface, a 20 centimeter slider for just under $900 sounds frankly ridiculous, yet it’s precision, small form factor, and ease of use make it a mainstay in my video kit and therefore somewhat of a bargain. Its array of features and well-designed app offer solutions for shots that would be otherwise impossible in video production, and paired with the Flex Tilt Head 2, it becomes even more versatile with the ability to shoot angled slides. 


If you are looking for a motorized slider for time-lapse or video, bigger isn’t always better, case-in-point: the superb Slider ONE PRO.

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